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We started this journey in February 2021 as an initiative to spur creative meal ideas and to especially excite people at the (hopeful) end of the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the last year, the vast majority of us found ourselves in our kitchens more than ever before, met with the recurring, "What to make tonight? Same as last night? Ugh... I don't know how to change it up!"

Our mantra:   How to cook cures the What to cook... 

This a place for all levels, from Easy Mac to Chef de Cuisine... all are welcome and treated equally! We are here to not only share and test recipes but to learn the foundational skills and techniques to enhance our abilities to CREATE meals vs follow recipe instruction. In the end, all is aimed to foster exceptionally creative ideas for new plates to feed our families and friends! Our hope is that everyone treats this concept as their own, engaging positively with other members and recognizing that everyone has a unique palate. Try something new! Don't like it, that's ok!

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